NEFC Crews Respond To Sycamore House Fire

Thursday, March 24, 2011 11:01 NEFC crews responded to a reported garage fire. E-93 arrived on the scene and reported a working fire with heavy smoke coming from the roof. Crews were able to achieve a quick knockdown on the fire and then perform overhaul and salvage. Although the home was occupied when the fire was discovered, no injuries were reported. Crews from Sycamore, Sharonville, Blue Ash, and Loveland-Symmes responded. Captain Newman was the Incident Commander with assistance from 9201, 9202, and the IMAT Chiefs. 



NEFC Award for Intergovernmantal Cooperation

Thursday, March 3, 2011  COLUMBUS, OHIO:  The Northeast Fire Collaborative (NEFC) received the prestigious award for intergovernmental cooperation from the Ohio City/County Management Association (OCMA) at their annual Conference held in Columbus on February 24, 2011.

This OCMA award recognizes governmental agencies that work together to successfully address problems or improve service to the community. The communities of Blue Ash, Loveland, Sharonville, Sycamore Township and Symmes Township formed the Northeast Fire Collaborative in 2008 and Mason joined it in 2009.

The Northeast Fire Collaborative mobilizes the assets of six communities and thirteen fire stations, bringing together more than 300 firefighters to provide safer fire ground operations and smarter business operations.  Serving over 105,000 residents, the Northeast Fire Collaborative achieves the operating efficiencies of a much larger metropolitan fire department while allowing each community to maintain its identity.  OCMA recognized that the NEFC modal overcame many of the challenges inherent in the often-times balkanized service delivery of emergency medical and fire services.

Sharonville Fire Chief Ralph Hammonds is the president of the NEFC.  He said, “We recognized the new economic reality dictates that fire departments look for better ways to fund and staff fire departments.  The immediate benefit of the NEFC is it puts more firefighters on a fire scene faster with the necessary management to handle the call.  This means we meet the NFPA 1710 minimum staffing guideline every time.  Individually, these departments could never afford to have those resources solely committed to their community.”

Chief Hammonds noted that the NEFC benefits are just starting to accrue.  Through joint purchasing, the NEFC departments have saved 30% on turnout gear, 25% on disposable EMS supplies and 50% on annual ladder testing costs.  Hammonds said, “Our residents are demanding cost savings, and through this collaboration, our departments are delivering.”

OCMA recognized that this model is repeatable around Ohio, and in other metropolitan areas around the nation.  The NEFC was a finalist for the award in innovation from the International Association of Fire Chiefs in 2010.



NEFC Ice Rescue Training

Saturday, February 19, 2011 
All five Departments making up the Northeast Fire Collaborative took part in Ice Rescue Training during the recent cold weather.  This two part class was yet another chance for the crews to expound their knowledge into a subject that is becoming more of an issue for fire departments across the area.  Children and adults alike venture onto what they think is safe ice and when they fall through, the fire department must come and get them out.
Taught by Chief Chris Theders at the Blue Ash Fire Department - members went through a classroom portion where they learned about the proper techniques of ice rescue and watched videos of both correct and incorrect ice rescues in the past.  The second part was held on Sharon Woods Lake, where participants dressed in appropriate gear and put their lessons to work by using the NEFC equipment to rescue each other.




Fire in Dryer Vent

Friday, January 21, 2011 14:23 NEFC units were dispatched to an appliance fire in the basement of a Blue Ash residence in the 4400 block of Hunt Road.  Crews found the fire was extinguished by the occupant prior to arrival using an extinguisher.  The fire originated in the flexible dryer vent piping and was contained within the pipe.

Residents are reminded to keep their dryer lines clean of lint, to maintain working smoke detectors and to have an extinguisher.  In this case, use of the fire extinguisher prevented the fire from spreading.

Responding units were E92, E15, E13, T13, 1301 and 1302.  Fire Chief Rick Brown was the Incident Commander.



Ethics in the Public Safety Sector

Thursday, January 20, 2011  The NEFC held a seminar on "Ethics in the Public Safety Sector" at the Anderson Center on Wednesday January 19th.  Guests speakers Gordon Graham, Chief Jeff Johnson (Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, Oregon), Chief Cliff Jones (retired Tempe, Arizona) and Susan Willeke from the Ohio Ethics Commission discussed various issues facing emergency personnel including:


-how social media has drastically changed how we operate,

-can or should emergency personnel accepts "gifts" and where is the line between whats OK and what is not acceptable,

-how to tell if something just isn't right - should I do this or not?


The afternoon a panel was assembled to allow the audience to ask questions as well as to give the speaker the opportunity to make other important points.  The panel consisted of:


Sheriff Tim Rodenburg, Clermont County,

Judge Brad Greenburg, Hamilton County,

Gordon Graham, retired Calif Highway Patrol

Chief Cliff Jones, Tempe Arizona, retired

Susan Willeke, Ohio Ethics Commission

Doug Duckett, City of Loveland Human Resources

Chief Tim Sabansky, Loveland Police Dept.

Chief Raplh Hammonds, Sharonville Fire Dept.

Ed Humphrey, Clermont County Commissioner



Winter Safety Tips

Friday, January 7, 2011  Everyone at LSFD hopes you had a safe & happy holiday season. We wanted to put out some safety tips to help you during these cold winter months. Please keep your driveways & walkways clear from ice, we have an increase number of runs due to injuries from falls this time of year. Save yourself some time & grief, if you have elderly neighbors please give them a helping hand with these areas, they may not be able to clean them up themselves. Some of you may have fireplaces, please keep an eye on them as well. Inspect your firebox, flue & chimney annually for creosote accumulation. Keep your hearth cleaned weekly to stop dust & soot buildup, make sure all embers are out before they are removed. Burn only dry, well seasoned wood to minimize dangerous creosote buildup. Never use an abrasive cleanser inside the fireplace, many leave a flammable residue. At some point this winter you may lose power to your home, if you have a generator please use them outside. Generators used indoors will put yourself & your family in jeopardy of CO poisoning. Remember outdoors does not mean your garage. We hope these tips help & we wish everyone a safe 2011.



Deerfield Twp Fire

Tuesday, December 21, 2010  Crews from Deerfield, LSFD, Sharonville, Sycamore & Mason  battled a stubborn fire on Thursday Dec 16th during a heavy snow storm.  Initial reports are that the occupants of the home were still inside at the time of dispatch, however they were assisted out of the home by a passer-by.



NEFC Fights Fire In The Bitter Cold

Tuesday, December 14, 2010  Tower 61 arrived on scene to find fire on the Alpha side of the structure on the exterior side of the house extending up towards the roof.  Captain Frye had command, with Chief Huber in Operations.  In the Bitter cold  Crews from LSFD, Sharonville, Blue Ash, Sycamore and Mason were able to make a quick knock down on the fire before any fire extended into the structure.  Crew overhauled and were able to get the family back in their home within an hour.



NEFC fights fire in Sharonville

Tuesday, December 7, 2010  Sharonville E-88 arrived to find a working fire and heavy smoke coming from the alpha side of the structure.  Initial reports were of a possible infant trapped, but were subsequently found to be incorrect.  Chief Hammonds performed incident command while Chief Brown was charlie side.  Crews were able to achieve a quick knockdown on the fire which was on two levels.  Overhaul was performed and due to the quick actions of Sharonville, Blue Ash, Sycamore and Evendale departments no extension was made to the attic or the upper bedrooms. 



Ethics in the Public Safety Sector

Monday, November 15, 2010  The Northeast Fire Collaborative brings together experts in the field of Public Safety Ethics. Join our team of experts on Wednesday January 19, 2011 from 8AM to 4PM at the Anderson Center.  Click on the PDF for a full brochure on the event.

To register click on this link.   




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