1st Annual EMS Games


Friday, November 21, 2014 The first annual EMS Games were held at LSFD Station 61 with the Northeast Fire Collaborative. Crews competed an obstacle course that provided many EMS challenges. Crews encountered a hazmat incident where they needed to identify the leaking product and answer three questions pertaining to the identified product.  Then the crews entered the course through a window prop and found their patient and started their assessment. The patient was then back boarded and moved through the course which included crawling through a tunnel. The crew then went through an airway station, then onto a code station, after completing the code station they carried their patient up an across a mock platform then down the other side, and the patient was loaded onto a cot and into the awaiting medic unit. The teams were graded on time and efficiency by local doctors, nurses, and paramedic instructors. We would like to congratulate the team from Blue Ash Fire Department for winning this years EMS games, well done.

Top 4 Teams
1. Blue Ash Fire Department
3. Mason Fire Department