Cactus Lane Fire


LSFD units were dispatched for an unknown type fire, after going en route units were advised that there was a detached garage with two cars & a tractor on fire. D1 arrived on the scene with a working fire in the detached garage, which had spread to the adjacent structure with fire showing on the roof, Chief Books had command & accountability established on alpha side. Defensive strategy established due heavy fire involving both structures, D1 upgraded to a structure fire asked for NEFC units to be dispatched, all occupants confirmed out of the structure. E62 next on the scene pulled into the driveway pulled a 2 1/2" blitz line & started attacking the fire on the charlie side, T61was next into the driveway & established a water supply by hand jacking 5" to the hydrant. Elevated master streams were established with flying standpipes. E63 assigned to supply water to E62, M60 was on scene to assist on the primary fire structure & assisted with fire suppression. Chief 6001 assigned charlie & delta sector.  E88, E93, T13, R52 were all assigned to fire suppression, M73 assigned rehab, Chief 1301 assigned Alpha & Bravo, Chief 8601 assigned charlie, Chief 9201 assigned safety, Chief Camp assigned accountability, Chief Rose, Chief Blum, Chief Knapp assisted with command post, Chief Gregory assigned to investigation.  Crews on scene for extended amount of time due to amount of fire involved in structure.