1st Annual EMS Games

Friday, November 21, 2014  The first annual EMS Games were held at LSFD Station 61 with the Northeast Fire Collaborative. Crews competed an obstacle course that provided many EMS challenges. Crews encountered a hazmat incident where they needed to identify the leaking product and answer three questions pertaining to the identified product.  Then the crews entered the course through a window prop and found their patient and started their assessment. The patient was then back boarded and moved through the course which included crawling through a tunnel. The crew then went through an airway station, then onto a code station, after completing the code station they carried their patient up an across a mock platform then down the other side, and the patient was loaded onto a cot and into the awaiting medic unit. The teams were graded on time and efficiency by local doctors, nurses, and paramedic instructors. We would like to congratulate the team from Blue Ash Fire Department for winning this years EMS games, well done.

Top 4 Teams
1. Blue Ash Fire Department
3. Mason Fire Department



NEFC Car Fire Training

This week NEFC crews gathered at Scarlet Oaks in Sharonville for training over car fires. This included live fire training, strategies & safety protocols when addressing a car on fire. As always the collaborative training was well attended & great tips & advice were shared within the group.



Collaborative Fire Training

NEFC crews gathered at Station 13 in Blue Ash for collaborative training this week. Companies participated in practical scenarios where engine companies relay pumped water to aerial apparatus providing elevated master streams. These trainings provide crews the opportunity to work with crews from other collaborative departments. This also allows for crews a chance to look through the apparatus of the collaborative departments to get familiar with the layouts & equipment on their vehicles.



Withers Lane Structure Fire

Structure Fire 11-19-13 0150 hours from Loveland-Symmes Fire on Vimeo.

Withers Lane Fire

Fire crews were dispatched to a reported structure fire at 9168 Withers Lane last week.  The 911 call was placed by a neighbor who was looking out her window for what sounded like an alarm going off and reported that their neighbor's house was engulfed in flames.  Engine 60 and District 1 were first on the scene, District Chief Jon Frye established command and confirmed a working structure fire.  The two story home was fully involved upon arrival and the occupants of the home were confirmed to be out of town at the time.  Due to the spread of the fire, crews made a decision to initiate a defensive fire attack immediately.  Engine 60, District 1, Quint 62, Tower 61, Montgomery Quint 73, Mason Tower 52, Madeira-Indian Hill Engine 64, and Blue Ash Medic 13 all responded to the scene with District Chief Jon Frye in command.  A strong initial attack was made with large diameter hose and handlines on the fire by Engine 60 on the Alpha side and Quint 62 on the Charlie side.  Tower 61 and Quint 73 arrived on scene shortly after the initial attack and set up their master streams to attack the fire from above.  The fire was eventually knocked down and extinguished by the hard-working crews on scene and the home was monitored for spot-fires and rekindling material.  All crews did an incredible job from top to bottom and everyone went home safely.  A special thanks to all Mutual-Aid companies and a job well done!



NEFC Training

NEFC Departments gathered at St 13 in Blue Ash to train on high-rise operations. Training consisted of the first three incoming crews setting up for a major high-rise incident. The first incoming company deployed a large diameter hose to the third floor of the training tower while the engine operator obtained a water source & hooked up to the FDC. The second incoming company deployed with a high-rise pack to the third floor & tagged the standpipe. The third company assisted with any additional duties needed. Companies went through this scenario several times using different trucks from collaborative departments to re-famiiarize everyone with the equipment used in surrounding departments.



Structure Fire At Cypresspoint Ln

Units were dispatched for a reported structure fire, upon arrival T61 found a medium two story residential structure with smoke showing. T61 established accountability & command on the alpha side, crews were in the offensive strategy. T61 crew pulled a handline to the charlie side, T61 crew then requested a flying standpipe with another handline to the charlie side. Chief 6001 was assigned the alpha side, Chief 6004 was assigned the charlie side, E60 was assigned to RAT, E88 assigned to the alpha side with a handline to conduct search, rescue & fire extension. R52 was on deck & T13 was on deck at the command post. M73 checked on the condition of the occupants. Fire was extinguished, overhaul & salvage was performed, property was ventilated & deodorzed. No extension was found, it was determined the fire was started by a discarded cigaretted on an addition. Report was taken & all units went available.



Fire in Blue Ash Restaurant

Friday, November 2, 2012 1522 A fire in a Blue Ash Restaurant caused approximately $40,000 in damage and will keep the business closed for several days. Units were dispatched to the 4900 block of Hunt Road for smoke coming from the roof of a business and found a grease fire had extended into the exhaust duct and the structural members of the roof. Crews were able to quickly extinguish the fire and minimize damage to the other tenant spaces. Responding NEFC units were E15, E13, T13, E87, M92, 1301, 1302, 1303, 6001, 8601 & 9201. NEFC units were also assisted by Q73 (Montgomery) and E89 (Deer Park - Silverton). Fire Chief Rick Brown was the Incident Commander.



Lecture On Modern Suburban Firefighting

Monday, September 17, 2012  The Northeast Fire Collaborative will be sponsoring a lecture on Modern Suburban Firefighting, Tuesday, November 13th from 08:00 -16:00 at 8871 Weekly Lane. Captain Bill Gustin of Miami Dade County Florida Fire & Rescue Department will be the keynote speaker. Captain Gustin has 38 years experience in the fire service with too many other accolades to list.  To get a better idea of the class content please click the download PDF icon below to open full brochure. There are only 100 spots available for this lecture so reserve your spot before they are gone. You can register at http://modernfirefighting.eventbrite.com/
Download PDF



NEFC Training Video

NEFC Training

Thursday, May 24, 2012  Take a quick glance into a recent training conducted by the Northeast Fire Collaborative. This training covered fast attack monitors and horizontal standpipe operations. Watch as each department explains equipment carried on their apparatus. Then see how they operate their own equipment in conjunction with members from the other agencies. Six sessions, with thirty five firefighters per session took part in this training over a three day period. Sessions were held at Loveland-Symmes Station 61 and Blue Ash Station 13. This is just one example of the many interoperability training sessions held throughout the year.



Cactus Lane Fire

LSFD units were dispatched for an unknown type fire, after going en route units were advised that there was a detached garage with two cars & a tractor on fire. D1 arrived on the scene with a working fire in the detached garage, which had spread to the adjacent structure with fire showing on the roof, Chief Books had command & accountability established on alpha side. Defensive strategy established due heavy fire involving both structures, D1 upgraded to a structure fire asked for NEFC units to be dispatched, all occupants confirmed out of the structure. E62 next on the scene pulled into the driveway pulled a 2 1/2" blitz line & started attacking the fire on the charlie side, T61was next into the driveway & established a water supply by hand jacking 5" to the hydrant. Elevated master streams were established with flying standpipes. E63 assigned to supply water to E62, M60 was on scene to assist on the primary fire structure & assisted with fire suppression. Chief 6001 assigned charlie & delta sector.  E88, E93, T13, R52 were all assigned to fire suppression, M73 assigned rehab, Chief 1301 assigned Alpha & Bravo, Chief 8601 assigned charlie, Chief 9201 assigned safety, Chief Camp assigned accountability, Chief Rose, Chief Blum, Chief Knapp assisted with command post, Chief Gregory assigned to investigation.  Crews on scene for extended amount of time due to amount of fire involved in structure.



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